Friday, December 25, 2009

Moxie Polano proudly presents her 2009 Holiday collection. An inspiring acquisition representing the 12 Days of Christmas that can be worn all year.

Partridge in a Pear Tree
A spectacular mermaid style gown crafted of fine satin and chiffon featuring a unique pear branch collar and head-piece with a sweet Partridge perched on the shoulder. Matching shoes included.

Two Turtle Doves Dress
A pair of appliqu├ęd turtle doves rest on the bodice of this one shouldered dress. Featherd pattern lace has been gently placed in layers over the cocktail length skirt. An adornment of ribbon and feathers rests on the shoulder, and the dress come with sheer black stockings.

3 French Hens Dress
Strapless, short, and sassy defines this dress! An intricate lace designs decorates the top hem of the dress, and runs down the low cut back. 3 groups of red roses (to signify the hens ). 3 Large flowing Red Feathers and lace enrich the amazing headpiece. Sheer, white stocking included.

4 Calling Birds Mask
This stunning mask is made from the finest of black feathers. The feathers flow from the mask nestling in to curve around the face. Four precious calling birds embellish the front in glimmering silver.

5 Golden Rings Gown
Another scrupulous mermaid gown made of black satin and gold ribbon. The bodice can be worn strapless or halter style, and is wrapped 5 times with 5 golden rings in silk. There’s also the choice of a simple bow at your hip, or flowing swag. Matching shoes included.

6 Geese a Laying Dress
This one shouldered, cocktail length dress is a feathered fantasy! A simple black bow rests just beneath the breasts while a cascade of feathers covers the skirt. A feathered collar, which matches the gloves, dances about the top hem of the bodice. The grand finale is the ravishing hat which is filled with 6 geese a laying!

Seven Swans a Swimming
Seven graceful swans beautify this showgirl style costume. Silver and white feathers attached to a white swag at the hips float gently over the blue water ruffles. Thigh high stockings, elbow length gloves, and a brilliant headpiece finish it off.

8 Maids a Milking Mask
Silvery tendrils imitating the milk flowing from this mask is from 8 Fairy Maids holding Buckets. Petite silver roses, delicate white lace, a gorgeous lily, and fluffy silver and white feathers are the crowning glory for this masterpiece.

9 Ladies Dancing Gown
Inspired by the real rose named " Lady ". Also to accent the theme you have Nine tiny ladies dance about the remarkable headpiece. More roses enrich the lovely gown in lace, which features a sexy side slit in the rose trimmed skirt. Matching shoes included.

10 Lords a’ Leaping Gown
Looking closely at the strapless bodice of this enchanting gown, you can see the lords a leaping in the cool tones of purple, blue, and green. A skirt of rich, dark, purple, chiffon exudes from the waistline. The last touch is a fluffy boa perched on the right shoulder. Matching shoes included.

11 Pipers Piping Mask
Eleven small sand piper birds rest upon a golden flute. Magical music note gush from this mask creating quite an enchanting scene.

12 Drummers Drumming Dress
This sexy little number is made from a fine velvet in red, black, and gold. Each side of the dress is laced with six golden drum strings which add up to 12 heart stopping accents. Topping it off is the miniature drum headpiece, and matching shoes are included.

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Oh my goodness! These are AMAZING! :O